New novel slammed by nurses

‘A wasted opportunity.’

Whitehawk,  a controversial new novel by Simon Nolan, has been roundly condemned by nurses. In a recent review, Nursing Times (with Midwifery Today) had this to say;

‘The novel has nothing to recommend it to the modern nursing professional. There is nothing substantial here on any aspect of nursing (or midwifery) whatsoever. The reader will turn the pages in vain for material pertinent to the theory and practice of nursing (or midwifery). A wasted opportunity.’

Amita Mukerjee, publisher, said: ‘We have no statement to make at this point. We will be looking into these comments, which we find disappointing coming from such an august journal.’


4 thoughts on “New novel slammed by nurses

  1. Nurse Ratchett says:

    That knife-holding is all wrong. Like they taught us in Scalpel-School; always slash up, never down. All it takes is one patient-related involuntary spasm incident and that blade’s going right through your radial/ulnar arteries.

    I’d also like to point out that Nursing Times is actually published all year round not just in August*.

    *Apart from the Bumper Holiday Special which is only published in August and is jam-packed full of exciting things to make and do, stories, puzzles and full colour photo-spreads of all your favourite doctors. Ask your newsagent to reserve you a copy now.

    • Hello Nurse Ratchett. Just as an aside, I always thought you got a bit of a bum deal in that film they made about you. All you were trying to do was maintain some kind of order, and that Randall McMurphy person seemed to have absolutely no respect for authority or good clinical practice. What the film makers didn’t seem to understand was that the mental patients were mental. I couldn’t agree more about the slashing: I’ve had a word with the artist, but he seems to be a bit mental too, unfortunately. I might have to slash him up a bit, just to show him how the professionals do it. For some people, random acts of sudden and sickening violence are the only way they’re going to learn. You as a nurse would of course understand that.

      Roll on August!

  2. Chuck says:

    Who would you say this new work of yours is aimed at, if not nurses?

    For the record, I am not a nurse, but have the utmost respect for them and their kind.

    • Hi Chuck. Don’t get me wrong, some of my best friends are nurses (or midwives). But I fear that it would be a risky strategy for a nurse (or midwife) to base any aspect of his (or her) clinical methodology (or practice) on Whitehawk, since the book is, frankly, wholly inadequate for such a purpose. It is designed to be used by any person (or persons), who has (or have) got £7.99. I hope this helps to clarifies matters.

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