5 thoughts on “The destruction of the beasts is coming.

  1. My copy of Sheep just arrived with this morning’s post. I am now trying to focus on the day’s work and other tasks whilst suppressing the inner sense of excitement that accompanies the anticipation of any new read…and this looks especially creepy and weird (which is equal to a good mix in my opinion) so I can barely wait until the house is calm and quiet, the children sound asleep and the long night hours await my reading pleasure.

    When I’ve read it, I’ll pop back and let you know what I thought of it!

  2. Okay, I finished reading the book a little while ago but have had lots to do. However, yes I do like it. I like it a great deal. Here’s a brief resume’ of why:

    It is very, very creepy. Right from the start, you know that you are entering a world that is cracked, broken, twisted in some dark and dangerous way – but it sits there at first, just out of sight, brooding.

    It doesn’t take long for the tension to mount, however. And the tension building is made more potent by the interplay between the growing weirdness and danger of the present and the slow revelation of the evil history that has spawned it. I don’t want to say more about the plot.

    The characters are well drawn (although there isn’t anyone I especially warmed to) and the strong plot is still peopled with credible personalities whose actions and interactions are congruent with the world in which they live. The sense of place is dominant, powerful and hauntingly attractive, even as you know that it is dangerous to be there.

    In short, a real page-turner and while elements of the ending were soon predictable, there is enough meat in this tale and a sufficient number of surprises, tensions and dark atmospheres to keep you hooked from the first line to the last.

    As I currently live in the wilds of Northumberland surrounded by sheep, I have taken to locking my door at night…as if that will help.

    If you like your stories almost uncomfortably dark, this is for you.

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