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  1. Barry Cheeseman says:

    Hello Simon. We are of a similar age and both from Merseyside. We both live in Hove and have written. You with considerably more success than me. This might be connected to the possibility that you are a much better writer than I am and I wouldn’t bet against that being true. Usually an endorsement from Julie Burchill would put me off but recently she has been writing a column in a broadsheet which makes me think she may have been misunderstood in the past. I thought As Good As it Gets was excellent. Even though I’ve only just got round to reading it more than twenty years since its publication. It captures perfectly that short spell of years between drugs being fun (Except smack) and the ubiquitous boredom of cocaine. I’ve written a book about another aspect of Brighton life which I’m trying to get published. I spent nine years managing a working flat for escorts (as a male) and have contrived to write a book about it containing almost no sex or drugs whatever. Can you help me?

    • Hi Barry. Thanks for your generous words, and I’m loving the sound of your book. I can’t help, though, I’m afraid. I’ve now retired from writing, but even had I not I would have no kind of ‘clout’ of any kind, certainly not enough to make any difference, alas. But thanks for thinking of me, and I hope you find a home for your book. It sounds terrific. All best.

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