Smoking ‘cool’, say scientists.

After years in which smoking has been labelled ’pathetic’, ‘bad for you’ and even ‘addictive’, scientists at The University of New South Wales have made the surprising discovery that that it is, in fact, ‘cool’. The shock findings, published in Nature later this month, have been warmly welcomed by the smoking community.

It’s cool.

‘We’ve suffered for years from this “uncool” thing,’ said Ida Maraschino, joint chair of TAB, a smokers’ co-operative and drop-in centre in Bournemouth. ‘These findings just confirm what our members have been saying consistently over the last decade or so: we just couldn’t get the evidence to back it up. Now these new findings are out there, we hope that some of those entrenched negative  attitudes will start to turn around.’

Researchers are now also investigating claims that smoking is ‘big’ and ‘clever’.

‘There’s so much we still don’t know,’ said Project Leader Todd Hunger. ‘These are exciting times for smokers.’