Rattus (Feral Companions)

Launch at WHC10, Brighton.

Black Static #16 reviews Rattus as:

‘a painstaking account of somebody’s life and mental health going down the crapper, with each step along the way neatly catalogued and slotting into the larger picture…

it is grounded convincingly in the real, workaday world. Another joy is Maginn’s elegant, street smart prose, the picture perfect description of the characters and events, the writer establishing his credentials in this regard on the very first page…

an undercurrent of menace that grows until the impression is confirmed by an ending that is subtle and suggestive about the fate of David, and all the more powerful for that.’

Gary Fry’s The Invisible Architect of Psychopathy is ‘a polished performance from a writer who is growing in stature with each new outing.’

Feral Companions is available now. Click here.